Lunch with Elias

*Below is the side story of Rise Up. I’m editing the first draft so I can send it to publisher. Wish me luck, hehe… ^^
(Btw, please forgive my spelling & gramatical error.)

**Indonesian version here

I thought Elias will suit the job.

Not to mention he’s a knight. His ability needs no words. Master Gunther once told me, He never met someone with balance magic power and swordmanship before. They complement each other. Wed and deliver a remarkable battle power.

Really? Actually, I doubt that.

Basic RGBWhen first time we met, Elias seemed normal. No, even normal too good for him. Not sturdy, not tall, but frail. He just like a boy. Thanks to his sharp eagle eyes, he looked a bit different than a normal boy. No one would guess his age was around a quarter of century. It was six years older than mine. Six years.

We’re having a chat in a bar near the headquarter. He choosed hot chocolate while staring at me. Still suspicious, I bet. Even I already told him my reason come to him, he still cautious. I like that. A good observer and listener. He analized every move I make. So, I analized him instead.

This man wore high collar red jacket. Golden thread seamed in every tip. The buttons quite big, they lined up in each side. Two pairs of chains dangling from right to the left. Behind the jacket, he wore a white plain blouse with black tie. A wing shaped pin hanging there. Elias also use a black gloves and hat. The hat laid in the table, he put it there right after we enter the bar. But the glove still in its place.

At a glance, I know even the tiniest thing cling on him is an armanent.

The jacket was made by phoenix feather, fire resistant and uneasily torn. His pairs of chains can lengthen several hundred meters. The wing pin cover by wind magic, it made the weared lighter to move. The hat keep magical power. And the hat emblems, well, I don’t recognize the symbol but I feel the magic power flow from it. Last, his weapons. Rumor said they was hidden in the gloves. There’s a magic diagram together with small stones. Three small stones. Red, yellow, black. I heard his weapon has three types. Perhaps one stone represent one type. His right gloves also had magic diagram but no stones. That’s all what I got for now. I’m sure there’s more secret he hid.

I would think thousand time before attack him.

From our conversation, I know that his hobby is hunting. So, I ask him to go out hunting. I’m sure he know that it’s only a test so I could see his ability. He agreed but I had to cook it for him. I hope his stomach silent as his mouth.

We hunted in Tricane Forest. Rabbit, bird, deer, there are lot animals. As I expected, he choosed a more exotic animal. You know, he choosed… snake, of course. What could be more dangerous than that?

We found a snake was swimming in the river. Only one meter length with slender body, but it would be enough for our lunch. While my mind dreamy about food recipe, Elias already got a bow in his hand. Both bow and the arrow was made of ice. He straightened his back and shot an arrow. One arrow is enough, bulls-eye. So, he can archery too.

Elias raised his hand and pull the snake with magic. It floated in the air and fell in his hand. I thought it will be our lunch, but happenly I was wrong. He bind the snake with some kind of magic string. Then, we walk around the river till arrive to a deeper part. The snake was threw into the water with attached magic string.

I could see ripple in the middle of the water after some minutes passed. The ripple made small ring around the string. Slowly, it got bigger and made another bigger flow. I squinted my eyes to see clearly. Something in the water was pulling the bait.

Elias jerked his hand backward. The fish who ate the bait come out. It size gawked my mouth. Then I see him, Elias was there, in the sky approached the fish with a long black schyte. By a few light slash, the fish was cut into chunks. Elias jumped back to the riverside with his prey. Now, I know what we’ll had for lunch.

Maybe, it’s merely a joke for him. For me, it’s more than a show-off. Every magic power that he used was precisely calculate. Efficient, you could call.

So, in exchange, I should give him some show too. I learned this from Asa. Started by cleaning and cutting the fish into bite sized. Magic covered my fingers, etablished a small knife. The knife moved as my command. I built small fire pit. As I grilled the fish the knife cut the beries. I made some others knife to collect some wide leaves. I used the leaves as plates.

Elias was looking at me closely. There isn’t much wizard who can use some magic simultaneously. I bet this was his first time looking at one.

And it’s done. Grilled fish and berries yogurt for dessert. Yogurt? Oh, I incidentally brought a bottle of milk. Made it to yogurt was a simple thing.

After lunch, Elias said goodbye. He continued the hunt. A criminal hunt. I didn’t know his target right now. His intuition and power had bring him this far. You wouldn’t imagine how he was ruined some time ago. Without knowing, I smiled. They who are strong are those who can rise even had hit the bottom.

Elias was one of them.

That’s too bad LIMIT couldn’t have someone like him. We might have the same purpose but through different way. Perhaps, join LIMIT will stand in his way. I appreciated his decision. I’m sure he could carry
out his job amazingly. Can’t wait to see his outstanding breakthrough. Meeting and having lunch with that kind of wizard is an honor.

Let’s fight in our own way, Elias.

Ivander Sieghart


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