Aiden stood up in the dark

Aiden stood in the dark. Dust covered some part of his purple coat. Beneath his long sleeve, a drop of blood running down to his left hand. He didn’t know how he got the wound and he didn’t care. The hood had fallen to his back showing spiky messy brown hair. Bangs covered his eyes. From where he was standing, he could see those guys. The hunters. They really had no idea with who they’re dealing with.

One of them who was closest to Aiden moved quickly. Wrong move.

Beware of his shadow!

Darkness swallowed them, one by one. There were screaming and stench of blood. Everything was pitch black. Nothing could be seen for a moment. Not longer than two minutes; though the terror made it felt longer. Then, the darkness started to creep away just like spider creeping backward to its web. Aiden was still there, standing among the hunters’ dead bodies. Except one. The one who was closest to him. The man sat trembling near his feet.

Aiden‘s black eyes met the man’s. “Tell my dad.You can’t hurt this kid with normal moves. You’ve cursed me, remember? I hope next time you’ll send more reliable hunters to kill me.” Aiden turned back and stopped after three steps. “One more thing, you can consider yourself lucky. Maybe next time, I won’t need a messenger.” He said to the hunter. “Or maybe next time, I’ve killed my dad instead. Well, who knows?” A grin was forming on his face.



*This is just a random scene which don’t have complete story. BUT, who knows where this writing will lead me to.
**Pardon my English. I’m learning…


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