Wooden cottage

And here we are… Thanks, but no thanks.

He has ruined this Christmas! I just wanna lie on the couch in front of the fireplace, covered with warm blanket, accompanied with hot chocolate and marshmallows, watch TV all days, wait for dinner time, and get excited when snow comes. Is it too much to ask? Is it? I don’t think so. Does he understand my need of TV and internet? Has he ever asked what I want to do for holidays? Does he know where I want to be for Christmas Eve? Well, absolutely not here!

Enough! I’m going home!!

If he thought I wouldn’t dare to run away, that would be very wrong. I’m fifteen years old. I’m brave enough to runaway from this wooden cottage at midnight. Well, okay, actually it’s a hotel. But, I don’t see the difference. It’s rickety, creepy, old-fashioned shack in the middle of forest. I remember the way we came yesterday. I can follow the road, find the main road, and get a bus home.

Right after my rucksack is packed, she get into my room.

“What are you doing? You aren’t thinking of running away, right?” My little sister asks. She is always like that. A little mind-reader.

Saying no to her is useless. “What made you think so?” I lift up my left eyebrow. When I think she would continue this conversation, she grabs my hand instead. “Whoa, whoa. Where are you taking me to?” I protest. She is pulling me along the way down the gloomy corridors right to the basement.

The door is open. Gentle yet cold breeze is slipping away from the room. Something inside emits a dim light, like a candle but bigger. I step forward and get inside. You won’t guess what the light source is. A little girl is sleeping inside some kind of giant tube full of glimmering liquid. Each time she breathe, little bubbles come out of her little nose. Suddenly, fear is crawling up my neck. That girl… has exactly the same face as my sister.

Before I make another move, someone talks behind me. “This is Christmas eve, Alan. Miracles just happen.”


*This is sneak peek of my January project. Wait for it… 😀
**Pardon my English. I’m learning…


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