About me

Hi, welcome. My name is Winda Reksa.

I like to draw, edit videos, compose songs… But most of all, I love writing stories, especially fantasy. Yes. Stories! I already have 2 finished novel, SIEVER and NEO CARNIVAL, both in Indonesia. The third one, RISE UP, will be available in English and Indonesian. I’m revising it now.

So, how can I ended up as an author?

For as long as I could remember, my head is always filled with stories waiting to be told. They came to me day and night, at the back of exercise books to computer files, regardless of sun and rain, anytime anywhere. Then, I realized that these stories wanted to tell us many things. They don’t only provide entertainment, but also remind us that this world is a massive treasure box.

You can find some free stories here. One of them is a finished novel, ANGEL OF DEATH. I will upload it per chapter. It may take some time. Thank you for your understanding. ^^

“I always believe WORDS can change the WORLD.”

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instagram: windareksa
facebook: Winda Reksaadmadja