Story from the past

Cerita ini berawal dari 2004, sempat berhenti sebentar, sebelum akhirnya dilanjut pada tahun 2011. Ditulis dalam bahasa Indonesia saja :3 But, don't worry. The revised version of Angel of Death (2017) will be available in English with new storyline, more tension, and breathtaking scene. I think you'd like this story: "Angel of Death (2011)" by … Continue reading Story from the past


Wooden cottage

And here we are... Thanks, but no thanks. He has ruined this Christmas! I just wanna lie on the couch in front of the fireplace, covered with warm blanket, accompanied with hot chocolate and marshmallows, watch TV all days, wait for dinner time, and get excited when snow comes. Is it too much to ask? Is it? … Continue reading Wooden cottage

What’s next?

  NEO CARNIVAL fantasy, young adult, romance status: coming soon (2016) publisher: Jendela O' Publishing House Perhaps Stella shouldn't return the ticket to Lucian. (*the image is for illustration purposes only)   RISE UP fantasy, young adult, action status: NaNoWriMo Winning Novel 2015 Don't underestimate a guy who mastered both magic and swordsmanship even if he's a tiny one. … Continue reading What’s next?


NEW NOVEL "SIEVER" - Limited stock Order by email: Winda Reksa Penerbit Pionir Jaya 17 Nov 2015 294 halaman Novel Fiksi Fantasi Paper back / Book paper Bahasa Indonesia ONLY IDR 60.000 (belum termasuk ongkir) Sinopsis: Vance Peregrine begitu senang saat mendapati dirinya memiliki kekuatan spesial. Kini dia bisa masuk ke sekolah impiannya. Sebuah … Continue reading SIEVER in stock, ORDER NOW!